Types and Benefits of Office Partition Panels

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Types and Benefits of Office Partition Panels

Thousands of companies around the world use partition panels for their offices. This is a great way to offer privacy for their employees- and this a right that each employee should have. In addition, partition allows you to expand or adjust your office whenever you need. It is also a cheaper method if you compare it to building walls.

There are a few types of partitions such as glass partition and portable partition. The advantage of portable partition is that is allows more light to enter into the workspace while the glass partition on the other hand, can be moved from one spot to another or be changed. In this guide, we shall talk about the following partitions:


•Portable office partitions.

•Accordion walls.

•Floor-to-Ceiling Partition

•Glass Partition.

Glass partition

This is also another popular type of office partition. The partition is typically made of aluminum and glass. At times it comes with a frame but most of the time it doesn’t have one. In addition, they are either half or full-height panels. They also feature Venetia blinds as they help to ensure uttermost privacy. The partition also reduces noise and lets light get into the workspace. In addition, the prices differ from one type of frame to another, the kind of glass used as well as the required options.


This type of partition is very common. It is also known as half-height partition. It features some kind of privacy. You can move the partition from one spot to another. The partition comprises of our walls, with the 4th wall being half wall. Its workspaces comprises of a computer space, work desk as well as other things related to software.

Floor-to-ceiling partition panel

Many business around the world choose the floor-to-ceiling partition. This type of partition is also referred to as full height partitions, and it normally comprises of pure metal and the framed is wrapped with a cloth. In addition, you can re-arrange or move it from one spot to another. You can also completely dissemble the unit without any disturbance.

Portable office partition

This type is normally found on roller and you can easily move it from one location to another. However, it offers the least permanent solution. It does not help in privacy nor noise reduction.

Accordion walls

This type of office partition is somewhat similar to the portable partition. It gives you full enclosure such as the floor-to-ceiling partition. You can open the partition in a number of ways

Advantages of having a partition panel

The following are some of the benefits of using office partition panel:

•Every worker has his own personal space.

•It is easy to install and create.

•It can be move from one place to another quite easily.

•It comes in variety of designs.

•It provides privacy to the employees.

•Workers feel comfortable while working.

Well, there are many other types of office partition panels, which are used in many other places, but these are the most common ones.