What to Look for in an Ergonomic Office Chair

What to Look for in an Ergonomic Office Chair

An office chair is part of the décor in any office and a lot of people try to ensure the chair looks extremely great without even considering the health impacts or effects of the chair on the person who uses it. The ergonomics or the design of the chair is a factor that should be consider before anything else.

Lumbar support

A good office chair should have a good lumber support to ensure the lower back is in great position when a person is sitting. Actually, a great chair should come with an adjustable lumbar support system, so that it can fit on the chair perfectly. This is critical because it helps to prevent the back from striating, in which it can case sciatica.


Most office chairs come with an arm and height adjustment. However, these features are not that important to consider when looking for an office chair. A good office chair should have five or more adjustment. There are those that have 14 different adjustments.

Among the crucial adjustable features should include arm and width and height lumbar support, seat and back angle, the height and width of the seatback as well as tension control. Most of these support systems are dial-controlled, although there are those that are controlled by a hand-held bump

Wheel base

Most office chairs come with wheel base. However, if your office is carpeted, you need a chair that feature wheels that are made specifically for the carpet. Rolling is also critical because it helps prevent strain so that you can reach the desk easily

Swivel base

A good office chair should swivel swiftly so that you can access other parts of the desk easily. If it the chair is difficult to swivel, it can result to serious arm fatigue due to stretching to reach different items.


The fabric of the chair should be breathable to ensure the chair doesn’t become hot after only a few hours of sitting. Additionally, the cushioning should be sufficient to support you when sitting. You shouldn’t be able to feel the base of the chair when sitting.

Importance of a good chair

There are advantages of having a great office chair. Apart from ensuring you have a less back strain, it also prevents discomfort and fatigue that come as a result of sitting for many hours. Different studies have found out that comfortable workers are productive and contribute a lot compared to employees who don’t have a comfortable sitting environment.

Trying on a chair

Managing directors and other office leaders should make sure all the employees try the chairs before they are purchased. This is crucial to make sure it fits the employees perfectly. Most office supply firms will bring different types of office chairs so that workers can sit on them and make a sound decision on which is the best type to purchase. Once every one is comfortable, the managers can then order the office chairs.